“Americans on average spend up to $200 for each doctor’s visit.  Imagine being able to visit
a doctor without leaving home using telemedicine and cutting the cost (by up to 90%).”

– Diane Sawyer, ABC Nightly News

Please take a few minutes to read the following sample reviews from real people talking about their experiences with the two key components of the Capstone Healthcare Services program: MyTelemedicine and Karis 360.   These programs are used by more than 1,000,000 people to reduce the high costs of healthcare, provide members with their own personal healthcare advocate, and to make healthcare faster, easier, and more accessible!

Recent Sample Telemedicine Reviews

I did my visit from my car while driving home.  The doctor noticed the wheezing in my voice.  I did not think of saying that to the doctor. Later that evening I was able to pick up my prescription from the pharmacy.  Way to go MyTelemedicine!” 

-JM, PA (January 10, 2017)

I’m a school teacher and I scheduled my doctor visit online. The doctor called me back at my scheduled time during my lunch break and provided me with a prescription to help take care of my sinus problem.”

RL, Tennessee (December 20th, 2016)

“Your MyTelemedicine doctor has been great on several consultations and was able to help my son and my wife.  He was very thorough with his treatment plan and showed great professionalism.”

-JH, Texas (December 26, 2016)

“My 4 a.m. visit with your Telemedicine doctor was awesome!  My 6 year old son had a bad cough with fever and the doctor called back in 20 minutes.  Thank you for providing great care!

-KM, California (January 1, 2017)

“My experience with the MyTelemedicine doctor was great! He really cared about my well-being and was very helpful. He spent more time with me than my regular doctor does.”

-JB, Arizona (December 15, 2016)

“I have used the MyTelemedicine service twice, once for my daughter and once for myself. The doctor called back quickly and was courteous and professional.  I would use the service again!

-AV, New York (January 6, 2017)

Sample Karis 360 Healthcare Navigator and Surgery Saver Reviews

The Karis Advisors were the angels I needed in a crisis!  Once I explained my need to find doctors in the zip code area they provided up-to-date information for doctors who would accept my insurance. I just moved to this city in January. I had attempted to find this information on my own but proved much harder than anticipated. The Advisors came to my rescue. I am extremely appreciative and indebted to them!” Mary, PA

“I am beyond happy! I appreciate all you do. I’ve saved $1000’s of dollars with your help!”  -Eve, TX

“The Advisor was cheerful, professional, efficient & prompt in helping me sort through this maze of healthcare. I could not ask for better service and I saved $50 on a chest x-ray!”  Bill, NM

“Your Advisor solved my questions within just a few minutes!”  Anna, FL

“Quick and easy! Nice to know that there is still good customer service still out there.” -Phyllis, CO

“I have been very pleased with the politeness of those who I have communicated with. This is very different than the typical insurance experience for me. Thank you.”  -Chad, WY

“Wonderful service provided! I was very pleased to speak with such a friendly person and she was incredibly helpful. Saved me almost $100 searching for and comparing Nephrologists in my area. Thanks a bunch!” -Ben, PA

“The assistance I was given was amazing and the young lady was so kind, courteous and caring. Thank you I am blessed to be a part of this network!!”  -Dawn, TX

“I am so happy. Thanks for finding me a low-cost option. I didn’t think I could get a mammogram for less than $200, but $138 sounds great!”  –Beth, NY

“The staff really goes out of their way to answer every question and ensure my understanding of the program. They also work hard to find the answers to my needs! Way to go! If only they ran the nation’s healthcare!”  -Anna, CA (Saved member $26 per month off prescription drug cost)

“I use a special drug and was worried I would be unable to afford the medication but the Advisor sent me an application from the drug manufacture, which helped me to get it for free!! Thank you again for all your assistance!”  -Tami, CO (Karis assistance saved this member $400 per month on her prescription)

Sample Karis 360 Bill Negotiator Savings Examples

John owned his own company and medical insurance was unfortunately low on his priority list. When an aneurysm burst and caused a stroke, John had to be airlifted to his local acute care hospital where it was decided that he needed more extensive care at a regional center.  The total bills – including the flight, two hospitals and rehab – exceeded $46,000.  John didn’t qualify for Medicaid and lacked the funds to pay bills of this size. After much negotiation, we reached a settlement with all of the parties involved, averting financial ruin for John. Savings: Over $42,000

Hannah broke her hip following a nasty fall.  Her hip had to be replaced resulting in medical bills of $44,000. Karis managed to obtain a 50% discount off the hospital bill. The doctor’s bill of $6,500 was also reduced by 25%. Hannah now needs to have her other hip replaced. Both the hospital and the doctor have agreed to give the same discounts as before.  Savings: $47,250

Craig, a college student, was injured in a four-wheeler accident. The family thought that he was covered through their insurance but discovered that ATV accidents were specifically excluded from their coverage. The emergency room bills, with ambulance and MRI’s, exceeded $3,000. We approached the hospital, ambulance company, and doctors on this family’s behalf. The hospital was willing to see if the family would qualify for a hospital charity program. The family qualified and the hospital bills were written off. The ambulance company then followed suit and the ER doctor agreed a reasonable installment plan. Savings: Approximately $2,500

Paul and Betty were in their early 50’s and owned a farm. Paul also served as a part-time pastor. Paul and Betty were involved in a serious motorcycle accident when a large truck abruptly pulled out in front of them. Although they carried accident insurance that paid $30,000 towards their bills the remaining bills exceeded $100,000. Karis worked with the hospital to help Paul and Betty qualify for the hospital’s financial assistance program that covered the balance in full. Savings: Over $100,000

James had $125,000 in existing medical bills and needed a stem cell transplant that was estimated at an additional $200,000. We helped James qualify for Medicaid, which paid all of his existing bills and put him on a spin-down payment for any new bills he incurred. Medicaid has now paid off all James’ new bills including the stem cell transplant. Savings: Over $325,000 and ongoing coverage for future bills.

Before Chris’ wife Cheryl tragically passed away she incurred $165,000 in unpaid medical bills. By the time Chris was sent to us, the bills were being handled by an attorney’s office that was threatening to pursue litigation on behalf of the hospital. The family had substantial resources, but felt that the bills were unreasonable. We were able to get the attorney’s office to settle the account for $33,000. Savings: Over $130,000

Brandon cut and dislocated his finger playing hockey. The doctor put his finger back in place and stitched up the cut. The whole procedure took less than thirty minutes. Two weeks later Brandon received a bill for $5,500. We contacted the doctor who agreed to reduce the bill to $2,500 and accept monthly payments to pay off the balance. Savings: $3,000