Capstone Healthcare Services

Capstone Healthcare Services

Reduce High Healthcare Costs! Get Quality Healthcare from Home 24/7/365 within
30-60 Minutes! No Co-pays, Doctor Bills, or Deductibles starting at $9.95 per month!

“Americans on average spend up to $200 for each doctor’s visit. Imagine being able to visit a doctor
without leaving home and cutting the cost (by up to 90%).” – Diane Sawyer, ABC Nightly News

Most people know the saying: “If you have your health you have everything.” But what if you don’t have health insurance or the insurance you have pays few or none of your medical bills?  Introducing a proven affordable solution… Capstone Healthcare Services!

Americans are paying more for health insurance and receiving less in return. In part this is because the majority of health insurance policies have such high deductibles an insured person has virtually no chance to meet them. Even if a person has health insurance, they are forced to pay an ever-increasing portion of healthcare costs out of their own pocket. Rapidly rising out-of-pocket healthcare costs are a huge problem for millions of individuals and families. Fortunately, Capstone Healthcare Services can help!

The key elements of the Capstone Healthcare Services program are used by more than 1,000,000 people to reduce the high costs of healthcare, provide members with their own personal healthcare advocate, and make healthcare faster, easier, and more accessible.  The Capstone Healthcare Services program works whether you have health insurance or not.  Additionally, you do not need to switch insurance providers, plans, networks, brokers, or doctors.

Capstone Healthcare Services includes the following all for one low price!

  1. Telemedicine. You get unlimited medical consultations with experienced, state licensed, board certified doctors or pediatricians 24/7 365 days a year from home or anywhere by phone, electronic devices, email, or video. There are no co-pays and no doctor fees! For more information click on the Telemedicine selection tab above.
  2. Healthcare Navigator. This personalized patient health concierge advocacy service from Karis360™ provides highly trained Healthcare Advisors who can help you find quality physicians, conduct and compare pharmacy searches (to ensure you are getting the best available pricing on medications), help you compare healthcare facility quality and pricing, provide health cost estimates, identify alternative medicine options, answer Affordable Care Act questions, and more.
  3. Surgery Saver. Surgery costs can vary greatly.  In fact, we have seen a 66% cost difference for the same surgical procedure in the same city.  A Karis360™ Advisor will shop and compare up to five surgical facilities in your area to help you find the best available price, quality, and availability for non-emergency surgical procedures.  On average we save 66% off the same surgical procedure.  This has historically resulted in an average savings of as much as $12,900.
  4. Bill Negotiator. As explained in more detail in the Other Services section, Karis 360™ will provide a dedicated Patient Advocate who will work directly with your healthcare providers to help reduce the out-of-pocket portion of your medical bills.  Average savings with Bill Negotiator ranges from 50-80%.  If you have over $2,500 in out-of-pocket costs from a qualifying medical event, Bill Negotiator can help.
  5. Special Bonus. As a member of the Capstone Healthcare Services program, you also get FREE access to the Capstone Discount Travel program which features savings at hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide, no airline booking fees, and more (see Travel selection tab above).

Capstone Healthcare Services can dramatically reduce out-of-pocket healthcare costs for you and your family.  According to the Wellness Councils of America up to 70% of all visits to doctor offices and emergency rooms can be handled by a remote consultation with a telemedicine doctor without the need to see a doctor in person. A visit to an urgent care or emergency room can run $100 to $1,000 or more.  By comparison, as a Member you get the comprehensive healthcare cost reduction program described above for just $9.95 per month for individuals and $14.95 per month for your entire family!  Plus, our program lets you speak to a doctor when and where you want (even at 3 am in the morning, holidays, or weekends) from home or anywhere! There are no health questions to answer and no pre-existing health condition restrictions.

To learn more about Telemedicine, simply click on the Telemedicine selection tab at the top of this page, or view the following 4 minute Telemedicine story reported by ABC’s Diane Sawyer.  It’s called Cutting Your Doctor Bills in Half Without Going to the Doctor’s Office.

For answers to commonly asked questions about the Capstone Healthcare Services program, please visit the Q&A Section and/or email us by using the form located in the Contact Us section.

Important Note: *Karis360™, Healthcare Navigator, Surgery Saver, and Bill Negotiator are not insurance and we do not provide funds to pay for bills. These are best-efforts services and results are not guaranteed.